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TDM-Essay Topics
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  1. Select a national forest such as the Sam Houston National Forest and discuss its importance to Texas, Texas history and its impact on tourism is Texas.
  2.  Select a Texas waterway and discuss its importance in the development of Texas and its impact on tourism in Texas.
  3.  Select a mission or missions in Texas and discuss the historical value they had on Texas, Texas history and its impact on tourism in Texas.
  4.  Select a significant event in Texas history and discuss the impact that it has made on tourism in Texas.
  5.  Select a trail in Texas and discuss how it impacts tourism – or how you can utilize the trail systems in Texas to benefit tourism in your area.
  6.  Select one attraction in your region and discuss the historic impact that it has had on the visitors to your community.
  7.  Select any period in Texas history and discuss how the events of that period influenced overall development of Texas and its impact on Texas as a visitor destination today.
    1. Texas under Mexico  1821 – 1836
    2.  Texas as a Republic  1836 - 1845
    3.  Texas in the Confederacy  1861 - 1865
    4.  Under Spain  1519 - 1685, 1690 - 1821
    5.  Under France  1685 - 1690
    6.  As a state in the USA  1845 - 1861 and 1865 - Present
  8.  Discuss the history of any Texas based visitor attraction.  This may be an existing attraction or one from history that had significant impact but is no longer in existence.
  9.  Name and describe three significant battles that have occurred in Texas – Spanish-American War, Civil War, and their place in Texas tourism.
  10.  Give an account of the territorial growth of Texas – focus may be on certain aspects, such as the people, traditions, work and how it/they have affected tourism in Texas.
  11.  Describe a personal account or experience of visiting a cultural/historical or heritage site or destination in Texas and explain what you learned about Texas and how it relates to your tourism job/experience.
  12.  Describe some longstanding or reoccurring issues which impact Texas and its relationships with its neighbors (Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, etc. and how it affects tourism travel to Texas.
  13.  Create an ideal education-vacation for your children and 2 additional friends (also children) – what education vacation experience in Texas would you select – be sure to define what goals and curriculum the experience would benefit for the educational value and what fun would be gained.
  14.  Select one or more of Texas’ unique ethnic festivals, its history and development and the impact it has on tourism travel in Texas.
  15.  Write about the development and importance of the Forts of Texas (especially between El Paso & San Antonio) and what they offer a visitor.
  16.  Chronicle the history of Texas Rangers, legendary stories and their contribution to the “mystique” of Texas for a visitor.
  17.  Texas’ Ranching Heritage, focusing on men like Charles Goodnight & the cattle trails.
  18.  Write about film productions in Texas and its impact on the image of Texas and Texas tourism.
  19.  Select one, several or all the Spanish Missions of Texas and the heritage left by the early Catholic missionaries.
  20.  Detail the history of the OSR and its impact on early cross country travel in Texas.
  21.  Write about the history of the town of Jefferson and all its “firsts” (first ice house, etc.) and how it changed from a bustling river port to a quiet bed & breakfast destination for visitors.
  22.  Write about the ‘Ranch that built the Capitol’ (XIT Ranch).
  23.  Write about the role of the two (2) National Parks in Texas and their part in Texas tourism.
  24.  Select any person in Texas history and discuss how that person has impacted the travel and tourism industry in Texas.  The person may be a notable historic figure or someone not so well known but who has contributed to making Texas a visitor destination.
  25.  Write about larger than life legends from Texas.  For example:
    1. Babe Didrickson Zaharias
    2.  Adm. Chester w. Nimitz
    3.  Dwight D. Eisenhower
    4.  Michael DeBakey
    5.  Willie Nelson
    6.  Buddy Holly

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